Shake Off Anxiety With These Proven Tips

Manage anxiety
Manage anxiety
Control Anxiety
Control Anxiety

The sense of foreboding can be overwhelming for some- to overthink every situation; every minute of the day leaves your mind huffing and puffing, tired and worn-out. If you are suffering from anxiety, worry not, as there are millions around the world that fight the battles you do, every day. It goes without saying that anxiety makes you miss out on the little things in life. You do constantly doubt not just yourself, but everything around you as well. You are less open to new experiences and keep yourself locked in familiar space; your comfort zone. For you, stepping out of this comfort zone is comparable to the most fearful experiences you would have had, coming alive.

To stop you from putting a full-stop to your life and to better help you manage anxiety, we have penned down some of the easy to do tips:

  • Take A Breather

Take a minute to pause. If the office is loud, then head out of your cubicle and take a walk, or get an empty space to simply catch a break. Simply detaching from work, will help you calm yourself down and control anxiety pangs swelling inside you.

  • Keep Your Phone Behind

Social media and most of the news articles you chance across nowadays are riddled with negativity. Clear out the negative air by simply leaving the phone behind. Spend less time with the phone and spend more time embracing yourself. You will find yourself visibly calmer by day 3 of this exercise.

  • Take A Walk

Exercise and mental health are intertwined more than you can comprehend. Simply taking a stroll or a brisk walk will do plenty to clear your mind. Close your eyes to listen to the wind, the birds chirping in the distance, and the subtle crunch of dried leaves inviting fall. Take the time to focus on the little and insignificant things around you. This technique is called mindfulness, and you may read more about it.

  • Brew Something For Yourself

Tea has been used as a relaxing agent for centuries and practiced to this date by cultures all over the world. rather than chucking the leaves in boiling water, make the process slow and expand your senses- listen to the bubbling of the boiling water, soak in the aroma of the tea when it first hits you, and finally close your eyes to feel the warm liquid gush down your throat after that first sip.